Meet Lima Ultra,

The latest generation of Lima devices


The original Lima introduced the world to the breathtaking simplicity of the Personal Cloud.


We designed the Lima Ultra to take that experience one step further. At every possible level, the Lima Ultra has been engineered to increase performance and efficiency.

A 40 times faster brain under the hood

1.5GHz, Quad core
512 MB

Speed that is so fast. You won’t even realize something happened.

Up to 16 times faster transfers

Faster backup. Faster uploads. Faster everything.

Lima Ultra : 30"
Lima Original : 8'

Buffering is a word from the past

Faster everything means you can now stream high-quality videos from your smartphone outside of your home on 4G. No more waiting. Ever. 


Meet a minimalist form for a world of capabilities

We designed Lima Ultra to be not only thinner but more serene, with a reassuring grip to sit right next to your router. And a LED to let you quietly know it’s hearing you.

Safer at every level, hardware and software

We engineered a button on the bottom of the Lima device to give you a physical control over sensitive actions. And used the latest encryption algorithms to make your castle safer than ever.

Sharper at each touch

We improved the Lima apps to make them even more responsive at the tip of your fingers.

From browsing outside of your home to navigating through impressive amounts of files, the Lima app reacts in a snap.

Join the waiting list

Due to high demand and limited supplies, we invite you to join our waiting list.