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Your Cloud sits in your home.

Your Cloud sits in your home.

Install the Lima device by plugging it to your router and to your external hard drive.

It instantly creates a private Cloud, which enables you to access all of your files from all of your devices, wherever you are.

No monthly fees needed! This Cloud is entirely yours, and the files stay stored safely in your home.

Get your content anywhere. Straight from your Lima.

Your files come and go from home

Your files come and go from home

Anytime you add a file to Lima, it automatically keeps a copy of the file on the hard drive attached to the Lima adapter. That way, your files are both home and available to all of your other devices right away.

Works from everywhere

Works from everywhere

As long as you have an Internet connection (3G, 4G or WiFi), you have access to everything in Lima on your device.

No more size limits

No more size limits

For the first time, you can make several terabytes fit in both your computer and smartphone. Your devices will never be full again.

No Internet? No problem

No Internet? No problem

Planning to leave the Internet land? Not a problem. You can keep any file or folder offline on each your devices in just a click or a swipe.

Backup with a 2nd Lima

Backup with a 2nd Lima

Install two Lima devices and they will back each other up automatically, protecting you against hard drive failures. Your content is safer than ever.

Military-grade privacy

Military-grade privacy

Nobody has a physical access to your data but yourself. All exchanges are fully encrypted.

Saves you money

Saves you money

You buy once, and it’s yours forever. Forget monthly fees. Stop renting, start owning.

A step into the future

A step into the future

The current version of Lima will evolve to become the first unified storage service for modern operating systems.

Quick and easy setup

1. Connect the Lima device to your router

That’s how the Lima device will be able to communicate with your devices when you leave home.

2. Connect the Lima device to your external hard drive

That’s where the files you put in Lima will be stored and protected.

3. Download the Lima app on your devices

That’s what enables your devices and the Lima device to exchange information and files safely.

Enjoy state-of-the-art tech

Fastest on market sync.

Fastest on market sync. When you’re home on the same network, nobody can beat you.

Peer-to-peer communications.

Peer-to-peer communications. Your devices communicate with each other directly, without going through an external server. Straightforward.

Dual-lane file transfers.

Dual-lane file transfers. You can start enjoying files even if they’re not downloaded yet. Who doesn’t want to take the fast track?

  Lima atom 1 Lima atom 2 Lima atom 3 Lima atom 4 Lima atom 5 Lima atom 6

Intelligent network awareness. Sets up on its own. Repairs on its own. That basically means we won’t bore you with all the technical stuff.

Intelligent network awareness.

Artificial intelligence-based cache management. Lima learns which files are important for you and keeps those locally on appropriate devices.

Artificial intelligence-based cache management.

Over the air updates Lima’s OS is automatically updated and keeps getting better.

Over the air updates

Make your smartphone way smarter

All your content in your pocket

All your music & movies everywhere. You can stream your entire movie and music library without taking space on your phone.

Works over WiFi, 3G/4G or offline. You can choose if you want to use data or keep files offline to enjoy your content without using your data plan.

Automatic upload of your pictures & videos. Anytime you take a pic or shoot a video, it will be automatically uploaded to your Lima.

Integrates with other apps. You can open all of your files with other apps or share them on your favorite social networks.

Due to high demand and limited supplies, we invite you to join our waiting list.

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