As easy as 1, 2, 3

Connect the Lima device to your router

That’s how the Lima device will be able to communicate with your devices when you leave home.
No complicated setup needed:
just plug it in!

svg-item-lima svg-item-router svg-item-usb-cable

Plug it to an external hard drive

That’s where the files you put in Lima will be stored and protected.
Take the size you need!
Lima works with any type of hard drives.

svg-item-lima svg-item-router svg-item-usb-cable
svg-item-harddrive svg-item-reverse-cable

The Lima drive appears on all of your devices

The Lima drive appears as if you had a hard drive connected directly to your computer.
Put your files in Lima just like you would in any other folders: the files are instantly sent to the Lima device and available on all of your other devices.

svg-item-laptop svg-item-lima-app
svg-item-folder svg-item-folder-full
svg-item-tablet svg-item-folder-full svg-item-smartphone svg-item-folder-full--2

Your smartphone becomes a full media player

Your files are not meant to just sit on your phone: they’re meant to be enjoyed. The Lima mobile app offers a complete enriched media player to listen to your music, watch your videos or swipe your latest presentation.

No Internet? You're covered anyway

As long as you’re online, all of your files are available without taking space on your devices via streaming. If you’re planning to go offline, you can set any files or folders to be downloaded so that they remain available even then.

smartphone-anim01-sprite smartphone-anim01-gif
smartphone-anim02-sprite smartphone-anim02-02 smartphone-anim02-gif
laptop-online laptop-offline smartphone-plus-laptop

Want backup?
Connect a second Lima device

Lima offers a backup plan with 2 Lima devices. Add a second Lima device and your two Lima devices will mirror each other automatically and continuously.

Whenever you add a new file to Lima, it won’t be saved to only one but to two different places. You’re safer than ever.

"It just works, it couldn't be easier to install - it's essentially plug and play (PnP), no messing with the router settings needed. You have to love the simplicity. It reminds me of some earlier Apple products."

Richard M.

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