Who says you can’t have it all?


Regain control over your data

Your personal files are stored in your home. Nobody can access, mine, or do anything with them. You’re the only one with the keys to your castle.

Learn more about security
  • Your files can only be stored on the hard drive(s) attached to your Lima device(s) and on your devices. Not on anyone’s servers. Nobody but you has a physical access to them.
  • Files on the hard drive are encrypted using military-grade protocol AES (also used by banks). If someone steals your hard drive, that person won’t be able to read any of your files.
  • All exchanges between your devices are encrypted using an asymmetric key that only your devices have. Your authenticated devices are the only ones able to decipher your files.
  • Your devices are authenticated during the pairing process with your Lima device and your account: it can only be you & your own devices.

Enjoy your media from anywhere

Stream your music, movies & pictures on the go. It’s all there at your fingertips, waiting to entertain you. Any picture or video taken on your smartphone is automatically uploaded to your Lima and available on all of your devices right away.


Work wherever you want

Access all the files in Lima from any of your devices, from your house or from the wild. You just need to have an Internet connection (3G, 4G or WiFi).


Free your devices from their storage limits

The size of your devices now depends on the hard drive attached to Lima. Plug a 2TB drive to Lima, and you’ll have 2TB of storage on all your devices.

How does this work?
  • Any time you add a file to Lima, the file is sent to the Lima device at home, and its image appears on all of your other devices.
  • Once the file has been received by the Lima device, the space on the originating device is released: the file still appears, but it’s not taking space on the device, just like it isn’t on all the other devices.
  • This is the Hologram Files Technology. All the files appear with their names, information & thumbnails and can be moved around just like any other files, but they are not entirely stored on the device.
  • They are streamed from your Lima when you open them. That way, you can fit terabytes of files on much smaller devices. Your files only take space when you keep an offline copy.

Always be backed up

Your files are precious, and that's why safety is one of our top priorities. One Lima device keeps them safe at home. Two Lima devices makes them even safer with multisite backup.

Learn more about backup
  • Devices are not eternal: they can break, be damaged or stolen. To be backed up, you need to have your files saved on at least 2 different devices.
  • Lima devices can be combined to do backup. When you add a second Lima to your account, it copies all the content from the first one then does a continuous backup of all the new files created.
  • That way, if one of the Lima devices or hard drives fails, the other one has kept everything safe.
  • For extra-security, you can put the 2nd Lima device in another location so that your files are safe even if something happens to your home.

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