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Meet Lima’s goal is to respect your privacy at any cost while making your life a little bit easier. By creating your personal cloud you can gain access to personal files from everywhere at any moment. Meet Lima is your personal cloud, created on the server at your own home or office fully respecting your privacy in the most secure way with 24/7 technical support for cloud.

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Please feel free to contact us and to explain in what way Meet Lima can make your life easier, We’ve got several solutions to fit your needs, plans, and life. Whether you just need a place to safely store pictures, whether you’re looking for ways to work from anywhere, or you just want to know more about the features of Cloud Computing: we are happy to be at service.

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Do you want total flexibility to work, explore and move wherever you are? Do you want to save and download files without worrying about storage safely and securely? Meet Lima can provide you with the perfect solution to fit your needs and dreams. We love to hear from you!