What if all your devices
had the same content?

Meet Lima,
a maestro for your devices.

We all love our computers, smartphones and tablets. But none of them has the same files. As a result, most people spend hours a day just transferring their content from one device to another, or from one Cloud to another.

So we invented Lima.

Keep it at Home,
and it will manage all your devices.

Lima makes your devices work better together. Connect it to your Home Internet, connect a big hard drive to it, and it will start taking care of your devices.

At Home, Lima will gather all your content from your computer, smartphone & tablet. And it will start making it available from any device.

For the first time, you'll see
the same files everywhere.

Once Lima is installed, your computer, smartphone & tablet will all contain exactly the same thing: the entirety of your content.

Trying to guess in which device you stored a file is over. No matter how much content you have, if you own a file, then all your devices will have it.

Lima makes everything simple.
No sync. No Cloud. No size limits.

Because it makes sure all your devices have the same files, you don't have anything to do to use Lima. Not even to move your files to a Cloud folder.

We believe something gets truely simple only when you don't even have to think about it.

Do something here,
it's already done there.

With Lima, whatever you do on one device is done on all others. Take a picture from your phone, it'll instantly appear in your computer. Save that word document on your laptop, it'll also be saved on your tablet & smartphone.

Free yourself from size limits.

As Lima handles the storage of your devices, you won't be limited by their size limits anymore. Whatever their initial size, Lima will make sure you see all your files on them.

If you plug a 3 TB drive into Lima, all your devices will act like they are 3 TB big. Not bad, huh?

Protect your privacy.

We think useful tech shouldn't do any compromises on your privacy. So we designed Lima to protect your files. Your content is yours. We couldn't think of a better place to store it than at your Home. When you use Lima, non of your data is ever stored on external servers.

Everything is finally where it should be: under your control.

Get yours now.

Lima is available in limited pre-orders.
Grab a Lima now to get it at $99 instead of $149.

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